Bed Sheets Crib Cats by Nvard Yerkanian



A fresh and sweet set of sheets for the hot summer nights; soft, light and funny in fine blue linen with an original illustration by Nvard Yerkanian.

Kids room is our favorite. A room that is in constantly transformation and full of magic that can turn into a mysterious wild jungle, in a prairie with horses and cowboys, in a fairy castle and finally here is where the brave children are sleeping.

Flax linen is certainly the healthier for children’s rooms; besides being soft and delicate on the skin, linen regulates the temperature to keep it cool in summer and heat in winter. It also has anti-allergic properties and can help in cases of sensitive and irritable skin.

Textile: 100% pure natural linen.

The illustration is manually made with the screen printing technique by Ink-P studio.

Original illustration by Nvnv & Co. Realization by Ecomoods Atelier.

Crib Size:

60x 120 cm

Topsheet Size:

100 x 150 cm

Mattress cover dimensions (without angles):

100 x 160 cm

Pillowcase Slip Size:

30 x 40 cm

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