Ecomoods Atelier is an emerging brand of textile furniture that combines the tailor-made tradition of home couture and the irreverence of bright-colored designs and illustrations that become pieces of art.

We are an international team of young designers based in Florence, from the seamstress to the illustrators, from the screen printers to the photographer.

Together, we create collections and limited sets of textile accessories with a high quality tailoring with the use of natural, soft and precious fabrics to make every room in the home comfortable and cozy.

Ecomoods Atelier considers home as a magical place in everyday life.

Waking up in the morning between soft linen sheets, having breakfast while enjoying the first hot cup of coffee on a colorful tablecloth, or with the kids with fun placemats that rip a smile from the morning.

And after a long day at work, curling up on the couch among soft pillows, watching the game with friends, turning the living room into a play room for the little ones or inviting friends for dinner.

Ecomoods Atelier’s desire is to make each home unique and special, comfortable and colorful to make every moment spent in your apartment special.

It’s hard to simply talk about “linen”. Its purity, consistency to the touch, color, softness or lightness and gloss depend entirely on how it is spun and from the weaves of its texture.

That is why we carefully choose the texture depending on the use. A light and impalpable linen for the sheets; with a thicker texture for the curtains so the light can pass without wrinkling; thicker and woodier for napkins, placemats, and tablecloths to make it fall perfectly at the corners of the table.

Antiallergic, resistant to fungi, it is fresh on the skin in the summer and soft and warm in the winter.

We love it because of its peculiarity: the more it is used, the more the colors become beautiful, and the fabric, with each wash, becomes more and more soft.

For the illustrated creations, however, we love raw cotton because it feels like like painting on a canvas.

Soft and fresh, it makes any everyday object a small work of art. Each design, whether original or silk-screen printed, is made of 100% natural ink.


Caterina Gaeta

Textile designer, she has the passion for home decor and the desire to create unique and personal pieces to make everyday life more colorful with creations that get a smile from when you wake up until you go to sleep.




A self-taught illustrator, works primarily in black and white, he loves to be lost in details, trying to find something to say through illustrations.




Nvnv & co. is an illustrator, artist, graphic, photographer, world traveler from Yerevan, Armenia. Her illustrations are essential and emotional.




Mafreshou is an Iranian freelance illustrator. She loves to draw people, especially women and objects that have a particular meaning or memories.




Every detail must be considered before shooting. Even a small detail, not properly considered, can ruin a photograph.

Giulia and Antonio are two talented graphics and globetrotters, with a wonderful workshop and exhibition space in the magic Oltrarno, in Florence. They are the ones who give life to our designs with the antique technique of screen printing.